We have worked on works ranging from the sixteenth century to the twentieth century,
covering a wide variety of supports, with different injuries and pathologies,
experts in diagnosing causes and eliminate them so that the restoration is durable and with quality.


Our Company MR DECOR LTD, located in Trinidad and Tobago in November 2016 has extensive experience in the construction sector, its associates are professionals who have accumulated years of work in the design of Engineering Works and Architecture as well as in the construction...




At The MR DECOR LTD, we’ve used our expertise to painstakingly restore historic buildings all across the region. We do it because we believe in restoring life to buildings that hold special meaning for a community or country.



If you own or are looking for a historic building and want to give it new life, our historic building restoration experts are ready to discuss your project. Our approach to historic building restoration means we pay attention to the small stuff while keeping projects on-time and on-budget, no matter what.



We deliver exceptional designs that are a work of art. Explore our portfolio section for more details!


There is no job big or small that we can't handle. We work toward customer satisfaction and quality to get the job done.


We have the tools, techniques and experience! Repair and restoration at its finest!


We provide professional advice, ideas, suggestions and improvements to help you get started!








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